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A drunken Rob Ford doesn’t say “blow” but “cologne”. How could Traditional Media miss that?

August 12th, 2013  

I’m sure you’ve heard it by now. Rob Ford was supposed to have offered Taste of the Danforth revelers some “blow”. And you heard that from reputable Traditional Media.

As we were analyzing the video, we didn’t hear “blow” but “cologne”.

The first person we found to report this fully was TheArtfulDodger an online commenter at the Huffington Post. He wrote that Rob Ford said:

“Get that away.. I don’t know, but it stinks… brother brother brother.. Maybe some cologne will.. do you want some cologne.. I’ll get you some cologne.. I have it, seriously..”

TheArtfulDodger’s right. Rob Ford does say “cologne” not “blow”.

HUFFINGTON POST online commenters: Mayor Rob Ford says "COLOGNE" not "BLOW"!

We have a slightly different transcript of Adrain Sosa’s video [seconds 0 through 22] than Dodger does. And we worked up this video complete with transcript.

A drunken Rob Ford doesn’t say “blow” but “cologne”. How could Traditional Media miss that? (35 sec)



ROB FORD as “Brother” puts his arm around the Mayor for a PhotoOp.

“I’m not driving. I’m not driving. Get that away,  buddy.. I know, but it stinks, brother.  Between you and I, brother…  Brother –when it stinks… You gotta…  Maybe some cologne. You want some cologne? I need some cologne. [inaudible]. I have it. Seriously.”



We suspect it’s possible that the “brother” was a tad ripe….

Here’s the point. When Traditional Media sat down with headphones and analyzed the audio and what’s actually happening, how could they miss “cologne”? How could they hear “blow”?!

How could Traditional Media miss that?

Oh wait….




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