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ROB FORD SAVES HAZEL on fishing trip! Just six days after drunken Taste of Danforth romp! (What a coincidence!)

August 17th, 2013  

Rob Ford Saves Hazel McCallion On Fishing Trip… really?

By now Traditional and Social Media are abuzz about how Mayor Rob Ford “saved” Hazel McCallion during the opening day of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. You really need to watch the video, “Hazel McCallion lands the big one as Rob Ford and Italo Labignan cheer her on” by Italo Labignan to see “saved” for yourself.

Odd that the actual videographer doesn’t name his video, “Rob Ford saves Hazel McCallion”.  More odd, his YouTube video description also makes no mention of saving. It simply reads, “Hazel McCallion, Rob Ford, Julian Fantino, Walter Oster and Italo Labignan enjoy the day on the water when Hazel lands a HUGE Salmon!” [commas added].

The description failed to mention Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington in attendance [guy with camera YouTube thumbnail above]. As he was the year before. And likely before that….

Given Rob Ford’s recent public appearance, seen here in the YouTube video Toronto Mayor Rob Ford drunk walking along the danforth! by Adrain Sosa, anyone else think this Rob Ford/Hazel McCallion “fishing trip” was an orchestrated Pity Photo-Op? Especially given that at last year’s Great Ontario Salmon Derby opening day trip, Julian Fantino and Walter Oster had an all-penis crew of many of the usual suspects minus Rob Ford?

It’s clear from his column “Mayor Rob Ford makes catch of the day — Mayor Hazel McCallion” and his first three sentences why the Sun columnist is invited each year.

MISSISSAUGA – It was not just the catch of the day, but the save of the day too.

On Capt. Dolly Erbrecht’s Salmon Express II Thursday, that distinction went to none other than Mayor Rob Ford.

The trophy of the day went to Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion — with a little help from her honourable friend.

Warmington’s “save of the day” “from her honourable friend” reminds me of the white lie people lie just to prop up someone’s meager self-esteem —or flagging fortunes. Add photos of Rob Saves Hazel. Video too. A classic Pity Photo-Op!

Fact is, when you’ve seen how Mississauga political hopefuls latch themselves onto Hazel McCallion like the desperate leeches they are —their campaign literature littered with photos of them with the Mayor—  you can understand why Rob Ford needed a Pity Photo-Op with The Hazel.

It was a Pity Photo-Op all right. And it was Hazel McCallion who saved Rob Ford, not the other way around.

By far the most puzzling photograph in Warmington’s “Ford Saves Hazel” photo series is this one.

  Mayor Rob Ford reads a copy of the Toronto Sun on board the Salmon Express II Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013, as part of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. (Joe Warmington/Toronto Sun)

Now we-all know what Rob Ford looks like when he’s taking a dump. It takes little in the way of PhotoShop to place McCallion’s “honourable friend” onto a gleaming white porcelain toilet…

I decided to PhotoShop Joe Warmington’s “honourable” Mayor Ford more subtley…

"FORD SAVES HAZEL!" Toronto Sun. "HAZEL SAVES FORD!" Mississaugawatch:  Rob Ford moves his lips to the Toronto Sun.

So. Friday, August 9th Rob Ford staggered bleary-eyed drunk in Taste of the Danforth. Thursday, August 15th, he was on a boat “saving” Hazel McCallion…

Anyone ever bother to ponder why it wasn’t former Top Cop Julian Fantino “saving” Hazel?….

They say people deserve the government we get. Seems we also deserve the MEDIA





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A drunken Rob Ford doesn’t say “blow” but “cologne”. How could Traditional Media miss that?


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