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Toronto Star Rosie DiManno “Who’s the tweeting twit on Durham’s police force?” –and his actual tweets.

September 2nd, 2013  

This is an update on our previous blog “Will Durham Regional Police pull a City of Mississauga on the Ontario Ombudsman –and protect “Joe Mayo”?

I just want to alert readers to the Toronto Star column “Who’s the tweeting twit on Durham’s police force?” by Rosie DiManno.

I’ll reproduce the most important part of DiManno here.

Who’s the tweeting twit on Durham’s police force?: DiManno

By: Rosie DiManno Columnist, Published on Sun Sep 01 2013

An impulsive ombudsman who called out the wrong twitter troll is unfortunate.

A municipal police force that hides the identity of the alleged true culprit whilst demanding apologies — from the victim — is unhinged.

Durham Regional Chief Mike Ewles has bigger problems than a rogue cop going off the social media reservation with contemptible yips sent to Andre Marin. To wit: Calling him a “douche-bag’’, describing him as a “card-carrying member of al-Qaeda’’ and snarling “Why don’t you stick your big French nose up you’re a– instead of business it doesn’t belong’’, which is both crude and ungrammatical.

What Ewles has in the bosom of his police department is an asp, a venomous cop, who betrayed a colleague before ever going on the twit prowl against Marin, appropriating that individual’s name to set up a dummy Twitter account from which to spew his bile, under the handle “Joe Mayo.’’

So much for the solidarity of that famous thin blue line. I can only imagine what this disclosure has done for morale at the Durham cop-shop. We’ve heard lots about the public’s deteriorating confidence in law enforcement. Up in Durham Region, they can’t even trust each other. Stab you in the back rather than I got your back.

DiManno gets it! The real problem isn’t the names someone tweeted the Ontario Ombudsman. Good Lord, there’s far worse festering on that cesspool of a law-enforcement-hate-site blueline.ca! (Seriously. If you really want to see what police officers, municipal security and private security personnel, hiding in anonymity, think about oversight and the public, feast your eyes there.)

The problem was not the “Joe Mayo” Twitter account but the one impersonating the victim-officer. DiManno reports:

No-name copper — Ewles-the-sock-puppet won’t say who-done-it — is, sources told the Star’s Tony Van Alphen, a top detective in a supervisory role in the same major crimes-unit as Dennis.

Let’s repeat that. The “no-name” Joe Mayo is “a top detective in a supervisory role in the same major crimes-unit as Dennis.”

A simple Google search shows that back in 2011 that “same major crimes-unit” would be Durham Regional Police Services East Criminal Investigative Bureau.

That’s all I’m going to say for now.

I do think it’s important to provide a support document, for the record, to support Rosie DiManno’s statement, that this top Durham Regional Police detective in a supervisory role “betrayed a colleague before ever going on the twit prowl against Marin”.

“No-name copper” opened a Twitter account using the victim-officer’s real name and ID —a subordinate colleague that was his duty to “supervise”.

Durham Police detective "Joe Mayo" who trolled Ontario Ombudsman and impersonated officer-colleague protected by Police Brass.

Now read these tweets in this new light –as tweets generated by a Durham Regional Police “top  detective in a supervisory roll” making it appear as though his victim-subordinate wrote them…


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Rosie DiManno’s “No-name copper — Ewles-the-sock-puppet won’t say who-done-it” reminds me of all the “No-name” City of Mississauga Corporate Security guards that Security Bosses Jamie Hillis and Ken Owen have shielded from accountability over the years.

And Durham Regional Police Chief Mike Ewles’ “That officer will be held to account” is just so-City-of-Mississauga echoing Ken Owen’s “The incident to which you refer in your email has been addressed and appropriately handled and, as such, we consider the matter closed.”

Us-Schmuck-Public will have to admit though that Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin got further along the No-name Copper’s Police Blue Wall than you or I ever could…

Last. Found this only yesterday…  Toronto Star, April 26, 2013, “Durham police officer accused of making child pornography back on job, sources say”




Ontario Ombudsman ‏@Ont_Ombudsman "You will not find a greater fan of good policing than me. Ever. But I abhor situations of police abuse. So do Courts."

"Joe Mayo" Durham Regional Police. Twitter For the Record "It's not because that @DRPS detective-supervisor went after the Ontario Ombudsman. It's what he did to his victim-colleague..."


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