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Rob Ford invades Mississauga (aka Liberal Ground Zero) at GTA Mayors Ice Storm Press Conference. Two Liberals flee!

January 19th, 2014  

Just a quick summary of the GTA Mayors and Regional Chairs Ice Storm Press Conference held at Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre on Friday, January 17, 2014.


First the serious stuff. The entire GTA Mayors Press Conference in fascinating split-screen. Cam 2 on Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion speaking at the podium and Cam 1 on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as he listens (and stifles). (Cam 1 audio synchronized to Cam 2)

 Rob Ford and Hazel McCallion Split-Screen GTA Mayor’s Ice Storm Press Conference


I bet I was the only one who noticed City of Mississauga Corporate Security and former City of Toronto Corporate Security, Rob Ford’s driver, all under one roof —let alone get all excited about that.

Mayor Rob Ford's driver waves at MISSISSAUGAWATCH as City of Mississauga Corporate Security (aka The Misstapo) drives elevator

So I’m videotaping this for posterity and danged if Rob Ford’s security/driver doesn’t wave at me and did he even smile?! Imagine my confusion!

When I replayed the video, sure enough, it was a wave with all four fingers and thumbs and the smile was friendly instead of menacing.

Sure, maybe the Story really was the Ice Storm funding but video suggests the media would have showed up even if Rob Ford were just to park his Cadillac Escalade in the Living Arts Centre underground garage and refuse to pay for parking. Make no mistake the cameras were aimed at him, for him, and not Mayor Hazel McCallion. Certainly I’ve never witnessed a situation where McCallion wasn’t the Centre of the Universe. I did on Friday though.

And here’s the video of Rob Ford’s STAR power.

 Rob Ford’s *S*T*A*R* upstages Hazel McCallion –and Burns “One” Down

Something interesting about this video is that the female City of Mississauga Corporate Security guard, escorting Mayor Rob Ford out, was the Supervisor on duty on November 14, 2008 who thought it appropriate to ban a 10 year old girl from three facilities at once (Mississauga Civic Centre, Living Arts Centre and Central Library) for 30 days. Freedom of Information confirmed this little girl to be Asian, despite Security bosses lying that they don’t keep records of Age or Ethnicity. And just yesterday we received a tip that despite hundreds of arrests since January 2006, City of Mississauga Corporate Security has only now adopted its first every Arrest Policy. Effective December 1, 2013.  Except there’s no evidence that the Mayor or any Councillor ever had a peek at it… So this video is dedicated to City of Mississauga Corporate Security.

Another interesting thing about the video is that it was only after producing it and uploading it to YouTube that I replayed the segment that contained Mississauga’s Liberal Mayor-in-Waiting Bonnie Crombie. As videographers know, you’re sometimes too caught up in documenting action that you don’t always know what you have —or its significance.

For example in the video Rob Ford’s *S*T*A*R* upstages Hazel McCallion…” I didn’t notice Mississauga Councillor Chris Fonseca in it! It was only when I analyzed the clip that I noticed that both Liberal Councillors Bonnie Crombie and Chris Fonseca’s odd behaviour.

I’d stood ready for Mayor Rob Ford to leave the Living Arts Centre when Bonnie Crombie rushed past, hair flying and heels clicking. She stopped pointed quickly behind her and retreated into a side door. The photographer rushed and my camera followed and dang if it wasn’t the Rob Ford entourage.

And in the sight-line of my camera was former Mississauga News publisher Ron Lenyk and Liberal Mississauga Councillor Chris Fonseca. Video analysis shows Fonseca turning her head, turning back at Lenyk with eyes bugged and then a split-second later, fleeing lest media cameras record her in the background with Conservative Rob Ford!

The very politicians who do their all to appear in photos with Hazel McCallion couldn’t have moved much faster had GODZILLA-himself stomped down both Marilyn Monroe Towers, laid waste of Square One and was now bearing down on them!

Rob Ford terrorizes Mississauga Liberals Bonnie Crombie and Chris Fonseca who flee FORDZILLA's impending wake.
One last thing and this is to Mayor Rob Ford. You know when Hazel McCallion said

“And by the way, the next thing we’re going to deal with if I have my wish, is the gridlock in the GTA —working together to solve it.”

That’s MYTHISSAUGAspeak for “We-Liberals will do our all to solve You this municipal election!”



OH! And.

Today, is is an anniversary of sorts. It was January 2007 when I filed my very first Freedom of Information request. And it was seven years ago today, that I got back my very first Freedom of Information response letter from the City of Mississauga!


Of course back then I didn’t know that City of Mississauga Enforcement was a different branch from City of Mississauga Corporate Security. Of course back then I also thought just a word to the Mayor-Who-Runs-A-Tight-Ship and all would be fixed…


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