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Freedom of Information: Rob Ford’s driver claims “personal interest”. Conceals fact Mayor Ford instructed him to videotape Council audience.

April 23rd, 2014  

Well this one’s for the books. In all our years of filing Freedom of Information we’ve never had such a blatant lie embedded in the response letter.

The background:

About a month ago, MISSISSAUGAWATCH filed Freedom of Information requesting all records relating to the video Mayor Rob Ford instructed his driver to shoot of the November 18, 2013 Council audience.

We got the City of Toronto Freedom of Information response letter today.

And it states:

The Mayor’s Office staff has advised that despite a thorough search, they were unable to locate any records related to your request. Access therefore, cannot be granted as the records do not exist.

The Mayor’s Office staff has further advised that Mr. Agyemang had indicated he used his personal device to make the recording as a matter of personal interest and the video had already been deleted. If you wish to obtain an official copy of the City Council proceedings for that date, please contact 311 or you can view the feed at:


The fact is the correct Rogers URL is:

http://www.rogerstv.com/page.aspx?lid=237&rid=16&sid=1030&gid=120766 at the 138:45 minute mark.

Except RogersTV never covered the Mayor instructing his driver on what to videotape. Instead Rogers cameras were trained on brother Doug Ford and the Council debate.

Viewers who just watched the RogersTV feed that day would have never known anything was amiss. But MISSISSAUGAWATCH has video proving that Mayor Rob Ford not only instructed his driver, Jerry Agyemang, to videotape the Council audience that day, but actually strolled around with Mr. Agyemang pointing out people he wanted recorded!

As for Freedom of Information stating that “the video had already been deleted”, why should we believe that any more than Jerry Agyemang videotaped the audience out of “personal interest”? Unless of course you define “personal interest” as continuing to get a paycheck via Rob Ford.

Freedom of Information: Rob Ford's driver claims video "personal interest". Conceals the fact that Rob Ford instructed him to videotape Council audience.

Last, here’s video showing Rob Ford instruct Jerry Agyemang to videotape the Council audience including footage of the original RogersTV feed.

Freedom of Information confirms Rob Ford’s driver concealed truth to protect Mayor

Poor us. Toronto right wing liars to the east. And Mississauga lying elites mostly to the south…




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