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Steve Mahoney: The SYMBIOTS of MYTHissauga –Mississauga 2014 Mayor Campaign Analysis

April 29th, 2014  

Every established politician has his share of what MISSISSAUGAWATCH refers to as “Symbiots”.

Don’t try Googling “symbiots”  –we just made it up. We define “symbiot” as one who engages in symbiosis.

In his testimony at the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry, OMERS President, Michael Nobrega referred to those who engage in symbiosis, (for example, those who cling to Mayor Hazel McCallion) as “hangers-on”.

We’ve determined that some Symbiots hang onto Hazel McCallion so tenaciously that we’ve come to refer to them as “Cling-ons”.

So we raise the inevitable question: what makes a person or group actively support (hang-on) to a politician?

We believe that Justice J. Douglas Cunninghams, has the answer. He wrote:

“A review of the interaction between the mayor and various players in relation to the WCD deal suggests
  that those who are fortunate enough to enjoy friendships with the mayor have derived benefits from
  those relationships.”

—J. Douglas Cunningham, Commissioner  Report Updating the Ethical Infrastructure, October 3, 2011

Symbiots have “derived benefits from those relationship”, be that with Mayor Hazel McCallion or any other politician.

This raises another question: What, if anything, can we learn about a politician by researching his Symbiots?

By example, what if you knew absolutely nothing about a politician and your only source of information comes from what you can learn about his “hangers-on”?

And that raises three other questions: So who are MYTHissauga’s Symbiots? And why?….


WHO wins BIGGEST if Steve Mahoney does?…

And then there’s FORD NATION…




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