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City of Mississauga Security Arrest exposes video surveillance footage and covert ethnicity records

June 9th, 2014  

Saturday marked the 7th anniversary of Donald Barber’s arrest by City of Mississauga Corporate Security.

To commemorate this, we’ve produced a split-screen video of June 7, 2006 City of Mississauga Security surveillance footage synchronized with RogersTV Mississauga Council telecast leading up to that arrest.

City of Mississauga Corporate Security guards involved June 7, 2006 include Sherri-Lynn Ruffo, Paul Mercier, Jasbir Raina, and—operating the Council Chambers Pelco PTZ video camera that day and blatantly violating Provincial guidelines—Jay Warburton.

When you watch this, please know that the Province’s Guidelines for the Use of Video Surveillance Cameras in Public Places state:

The public should be notified, using clearly written signs, prominently displayed at the
perimeter of the video surveillance areas, of video surveillance equipment locations,
so the public has reasonable and adequate warning that surveillance is or may be in
operation before entering any area under video surveillance.

There was no signage anywhere at Mississauga Civic Centre, Living Arts Centre, and Central Library on June 6, 2006 despite the use of many video surveillance cameras—and despite claims that “Corporate Security will proceed under all existing guidelines and laws” and that signage existed.

City of Mississauga Security Arrest exposes video surveillance footage and covert ethnicity records

Since January 2007, Freedom of Information has revealed the degree to which City of Mississauga Staff lie. Emails and Council video records show the degree to which elected officials look the other way. It is what it is.

Fact is, even if the Mayor or a Councillor wanted to investigate a staffing issue, they can’t. As revealed by Councillor Pat Saito at the April 2012 Governance Committee, investigating Staff is a job of the City Manager—not elected officials.

And that brings us to provincial politics—citizens’ disgust simmering there. Shamelessly trumpeting “world class” service versus the reality of Liberal bungling. Obscene amounts of money wasted, corruption, lies, cover-up, putrid sense of entitlement—and it’s not just the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals….

But the Ontario Liberal base—its Voice, its Ground Zero—is Hazel McCallion and Mississauga. Just examine the evidence, people….

Mississauga City Hall—Liberal Stronghold. Suggesting… that the shit doesn’t roll downhill but rather UP!

This June 7, 2006 “Arrest of Donald Barber” video is something of a metaphor. The last five minutes include the City of Mississauga Corporate Security database from January 1, 2006 through to April 16, 2007.

Why the April 16, 2007 cut-off? That’s when Mayor Hazel McCallion sent MISSISSAUGAWATCH an email denying City of Mississauga Corporate Security kept records on Age and Ethnicity. She wrote:

“Contrary to your allegations, it is because the City does not discriminate on the basis of age and ethnicity that there are no records to be found based on such categories.”

Watch the degree to which City of Mississauga Corporate Security lied about their ethnicity records beginning at 20:58.

Think about it: the RogersTV telecast pumping out Mississauga’s “Best City in Canada” propaganda versus the Security footage covert reality.

So. How many of your MPs or MPPs were once municipal politicians?…


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