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Mississauga: Liberal STRONGhold –Hazel McCallion, Bonnie Crombie, Hazel McCallion, Steve Mahoney, Hazel McCallion…

June 13th, 2014  

Recorded Wednesday June 11, 2014 inside City of Mississauga Council Chambers —video and transcript.

Mississauga: Liberal STRONGhold –Hazel McCallion, Bonnie Crombie, Steve Mahoney…


MISSISSAUGAWATCH, Mississauga Council Chambers, June 11, 2014 while Council was in-camera

Who would have guessed —who would have guessed, that right here, is the Stronghold of the Ontario Liberal Party? Who would have guessed?

How many people really know, the degree to which Mississauga runs this Province?

Everyone thinks it’s in Toronto, no, it’s right there!

And she’s been Vice-President or President or Mover-and-Shaker of AMO [Association of Municipalities of Ontario] since 1977! 1977.

Oh! And. Do you want to know who the next person’s going to be? The next person to provide stability, for public employees —right there.

Expect it to go from there—

to there.

Just like the Liberals are going to win.

And just so that you know, I’m liberal —have been liberal since the mid-60s. And yet won’t be voting Liberal tomorrow. Or NDP. Or for Hudak.

I can’t stand being in a situation where I am witness to other people being lied to. Basically what a lie is, is somebody telling someone else, “You’re stupid enough to believe it.”

[Dip to White]

Mayor Hazel McCallion endorses Kathleen Wynne and calls for Liberal Majority, May 14, 2014

I supported her as leader of the Liberal Party and I still support her as Leader of the Province.

We’re looking forward to an election in [sic] June the 12th. Uh. The last thing the Province needs is a minority government.

You know this gas plant has taken over —far too much. Terrible mistake. Water under the bridge.

Local government is uncertain in the Province of Ontario because of the minority government.

So I look forward to this election —changing things in the Province of Ontario. And that is, getting rid of R—of minority government.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH, Mississauga Council Chambers, June 11, 2014 while Council was in-camera

And there’s this kind of acceptance that all of the politicians lie. The Staff lie. [laughs] You even had Bonnie Crombie talk about how the public at this town hall meeting wasn’t aware of regulations and by-laws. Well, neither do the Staff! And the ones that do know about the regulations and by-laws —they fail to comply to them.

So like, what the hell. Who cares? Right? Who really cares?

So, and once I accepted that —once I accepted “Who really cares?”… Like tomorrow, tomorrow, watch this. Ontario is going to vote in the Wynne Liberals. I’ve accepted that. And you know, that’s still better than Hudak and the Conservatives going in. I get that too.

But what the public is saying is “We don’t care about lies. We don’t care about scandals. We don’t care about a billion dollars being flushed down the toilet. [laughs] We don’t care about that!”

Well. Okay. And if you don’t care about that, why do we have an Integrity Commissioner? Why are we paying him $250 an hour to sit there during Governance Committee? Why do we have the Council Code of Conduct?

Whothefuckcares? Let’s stop the Pretend. ‘Cuz it’s really expensive, right? And all those Staff sitting there for Governance Committee?

Like, let’s start a Brave-New-Bold Future where we say, “Nobody cares about integrity, lying, scandal and everything else, so let’s stop the Pretend. ‘Cuz it’s expensive.”

So instead of having an Integrity Commissioner here for $250 an hour, take that and put it towards more PSWs for old people. Or free swims for kids who can’t afford it.

Like. Just Quit the Pretend.



June 11, 2014

 Oh it got sold to taxpayers, all right….












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