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Letter to Mayor Hazel McCallion sets up meeting to discuss “relationship between City of Mississauga and its ‘lesser’ citizens”.

June 24th, 2014  

Yesterday, June 23, 2014, MISSISSAUGAWATCH sent this email to City of Mississauga City Manager Janice Baker, CC’d to Mayor Hazel McCallion; Councillor Bonnie Crombie; Gary Kent, Commissioner of Corporate Services; Raj Sheth, Director of Facilities and Property Management; and Jason Keddy, Manager City of Mississauga Corporate Security. It’s self-explanatory…


Hi Ms Baker,

I’m writing to confirm that I’m finally ready to meet with Madam Mayor any time after October 4, 2014.

Back in April 2011 Madam Mayor challenged, “To prove to me—that you, that you, what you—the allegations you made to me are either True or Untrue.”

Mayor Hazel McCallion to MISSISSAUGAWATCH "the allegations you made to me are either True or Untrue" --April 27, 2011

The purpose of this Oct-Nov 2014 meeting is to prove through irrefutable evidence (video or Freedom of Information) that the allegations I made are True.

I’ve also drawn Councillor Crombie into this conversation because I really believe that she’ll be next Mayor of Mississauga. There’s another reason—and it’s the same reason I want to meet with Madam Mayor. I care what the two of them think and it’s time to set the record straight.

To be clear, my meeting with the Mayor and the Councillor won’t be to make a complaint. Rather, it will be Relational. That is, I’ll be presenting the results of my own investigations into the relationship between City of Mississauga and its “lesser” citizens.

And as you so correctly point out, the data and documents I’ll present will prove to be either True or Untrue.

Hazel McCallion on City of Mississauga's numerous public complaints --Toronto Star/San Grewal interview

Hazel McCallion on complaints: City Staff investigates then "finds out there's no problem."

Today being June 22, 2014 means that I’ve had 8 years (7 with Freedom of Information) to prepare for this meeting. Time has helped synthesize the confusing, often contradictory puzzle-pieces comprising City of Mississauga municipal governance.

Also, to assist with closure, this week Madam Mayor served up one of the greatest gifts she could have bestowed people across this country. Only Toronto Star Urban Reporter San Grewal and I witnessed his actual interview with her and only I videotaped it.

Here’s the video “Hazel McCallion: Implement Public Complaints Policy ‘with tender, loving care’”

This is what Madam Mayor said regarding “nuisance” public complaints in the interview with Mr. Grewal, June 18, 2014.

Video transcript:

“I think this policy is long overdue. It’s got to be administered with tender, loving care—there’s no question about it. You gotta—and I’m sure the Staff will do that, as well as the Councillors—will deal with it too.

But, I mean, you got a policy like that has to be—well-monitored. And very special care has to be applied to it.

Very special care.

Because nobody wants to cut off a citizen from complaining.”

In the course of 81 words, Madam Mayor said “very special care” twice. And then there’s that beautiful evidence-based reference to “well-monitored”. What is “well-monitored” “very special care” except Relational?

Thank you for your time, and Staff requested to attend to follow.


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