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Ford Fest 2014: FORD NATION celebrates Rob Ford –a study in demographics

July 28th, 2014  

Ford Fest at Thomson Memorial Park. Let’s put it this way. No one else attended for the reason I did… And now for this brief report.

The stupidest thing I overheard while there. Conversation between two women.

“I love Rob. He’s just like us.”

That’s right. The crack user, alcoholic, racist, liar-upon-liar-upon-liar is “just like us”…

In his report “Welcome to Mississauga”, Rick Mercer asks Mayor Hazel McCallion, “How do you stay in office 31 years?”

To which McCallion responds, “Well, you have to look after your people.”

Rick Mercer didn’t Get It. But I did: Her people. Not people-people.

Reviewing video of the line ups to greet Hazel McCallion during each New Year’s Mayor Levee, the difference between McCallion’s people and Rob Ford’s Ford Nation people grow even more stark.

Hazel McCallion’s people. Rob Ford’s people. A study in contrasts.

That’s it.

What follows are three videos created from the July 25, 2014 Ford Fest (somewhat in chronological order)

TOO SEXY FOR ROB FORD! Ford Nation’s Ford Fest dancer Busts a Move!


Ford Nation worships MESSiah Rob Ford at FordFest! “SECURITYyyyy!”

and finally

Ford Nation’s long line up to meet Rob Ford at Ford Fest 2014 –a lesson in demographics



Mayor Rob Ford arrives at Ford Fest 2014 to "FORD MORE YEARS!"


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