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GTA Mayors behave badly: Susan Fennell, Hazel McCallion, Rob Ford –on a hangin’ day

August 8th, 2014  

While Rob Ford might be trailing in the polls, he must surely be taking some solace in the stink wafting out of Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell’s office. Now add today’s Toronto Star headline, “Police probe of Mayor Susan Fennell will go deeper than city audit”.

And it’s not just the Toronto Star —here was actually Rob-Ford-sized-media out at Wednesday’s Brampton Council meeting!

What follows is the resulting video —a study of Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell during the forensic audit.

Footage also includes Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion during her September 20, 2010 Mississauga Judicial Inquiry hearing and Mayor Rob Ford going ape-shit with Brother Doug at the November 18, 2013 Toronto Council meeting.

Then, to bring hope to the viewers, the video concludes with Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin making an important (and highly relevant) announcement

GTA Mayors behave badly: Susan Fennell, Hazel McCallion, Rob Ford–on a hangin’ day.

All those years researching (and videotaping) the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network did not go to waste!




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