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ROGERS Communications copyrights Mississauga Mayoral debate –not telecast, the actual DEBATE. Launches YouTube “strike” vs citizen-videographer

October 21st, 2014  

NOTHING says “The Corporations have taken over” louder than Rogers Communications launching a YouTube strike against a citizen-videographer. Yesterday, Rogers claimed copyright to the entire University of Toronto Mississauga “SaugaSpeaks” Mayoral debate.

We reached this conclusion because Rogers certainly couldn’t have claimed our footage as theirs. The #SaugaSpeaks UTM Mayoral debate production was 100% MISSISSAUGAWATCH footage –all three cameras.

This can only mean that Rogers Communication copyrighted the Mississauga municipal mayoral debate itself.

Their penalty results in our loss of Good Standing privileges for six months which includes uploading YouTube videos longer than 15 minutes.

But most startling is the knowledge that in Canada, a Corporation can own a Mayoral debate!

(Then again, Rogers could’ve been acting at the request of a Mississauga Mayoral candidate. We suspect on two previous occasions CTV Toronto and (again), ROGERS Cable 10…. )



Hazel McCallion and Bonnie Crombie's Baaaaaaaaaaaadass Conspiracy years in the making!


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