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Mayor Hazel McCallion anointing Bonnie Crombie as Successor in the making for years –YEARS.

November 9th, 2014  

I have SO LOVED watching this Liberal 2014 take-over of Mississauga go down!

To Crombies’ enemies: Your doom was SELF-INFLICTED!

To the Hazel Worshipper “Friend of Hazel” who backed Mahoney and is now condemning McCallion and her “Legacy”, BEND OVER! There’s more where that came from!

Thought I’d follow up on yesterday’s Toronto Sun column “Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion remains a whirlwind to the end” by Sue-Ann Levy.

Levy writes:

“[McCallion] bristles somewhat when I ask her why she ended up endorsing Crombie for mayor over rival Steve Mahoney, especially when Mississauga residents were led to believe she’d stay neutral.

She insists she never said she’d remain neutral; rather that she’d analyze the platforms of those running for mayor and would endorse the platform she felt was good for Mississauga.

“I never endorsed Bonnie Crombie and she knows that … I endorsed Bonnie Crombie’s platform,” she said.

When I suggested that notwithstanding, her endorsement carried tremendous weight, she claims Crombie would have won without her endorsement.

“It would have been close but she was gaining the momentum,” says Hurricane Hazel. “My endorsement just gave her the big win and she knows it.

It was of course at that point I realized the wily Mississauga mayor knew very well what she was doing — that she saw Crombie as the one best to carry on her legacy.”

On that, both Hazel McCallion and I can agree on — Crombie is the one best to carry on her legacy.

Here’s video I shot the day before the Election Vote to explain exactly why I knew Bonnie Crombie would win the moment she registered —and why Hazel McCallion anointed her. From key organizers of “Friends of Hazel” Rally to Mississauga Summit to #TeamCrombie.

Bonnie Crombie’s War Room “Charting a brave, bold future” to Mayor –and BEYOND!



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