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The McCallion Letters: Letter 2. City of Mississauga Security Misstapo “investigated” themselves.

May 24th, 2015  

The McCallion Letters: Letter 2 (dated May 20, 2015)

[This letter plus the previous one dated April 16, 2015 are included, for the record, in the May 27, 2015 Council agenda as Item I-5.]

Dear Madam Mayor, (You’ll always be “Madam Mayor” to me…)

This email care of principal.utm@utoronto.ca and colleen.mccoleman@utoronto.ca is a follow-up to the registered letter I sent you on April 16, 2015. You have now had a month to examine a hard-copy of the City of Mississauga Corporate Security 2006-2012 “CSIS” database, as have Mayor Crombie and all Councillors except Ward 4’s John Kovac.

Please think back, Madam Mayor. How often between 2006 and 2014 did Staff or elected officials say that City Security must be doing an excellent job because otherwise you’d have received more complaints? Does that sound familiar? Things were so excellent that City Security didn’t even have a complaints system!

As late as November 27, 2007, Security Manager Jamie Hillis reassured his boss, Ken Owen, that “complaints against security have never been a historical concern”.

City of Mississauga Corporate Security boss Jamie Hillis' November 27. 2007 email secured through Freedom of Information

“never been a historical concern”.

Well, Madam Mayor, there are reasons for that…

Quite simply, people are reluctant to complain! Oh, they’ll complain about potholes, graffiti, weeds, noise, litter—there’s no end to it actually—but they’re loathe to complain about The Authorities to The Authorities.

Councillor Maja Prentice was wrong back in March 24, 2010 when she defended City Security with “Believe me, people do not hesitate to complain in this day and age.”

Mississauga Councillor Maja Prentice enables City of Mississauga Corporate Security

Well, believe me, when it comes to the conduct of your Security managers and their guards, very very few people will summon the nerve to complain! After all, it’s their word against Mayor Hazel McCallion’s “Best City in Canada” Security Operation, right?

I’ve received about two dozen complaints about your Corporate Security mostly through YouTube. When I offer to help filing Freedom of Information and writing their complaint, they shrink, politely decline, and I never hear from them again.

All except one—a mother. She too declined to file a formal complaint against City of Mississauga Corporate Security. In an email she explained:

“I`ve spoken to my [redacted] about your suggestions, and [redacted] is still very much intimidated by the experience that [redacted] doesn`t want to pursue anything, for fear of some type of bureaucratic retribution.”

That said, this mother did grant me permission to share her original email with you and elected officials, provided I redact enough details that her child couldn’t be identified from Security’s “CSIS” database.

As you read this letter, keep in mind Councillor Prentice’s, “Believe me, people do not hesitate to complain in this day and age.”

Mississauga teen frets a full year before telling mother of City of Mississauga Security ban

Transcript of Mother’s email. (Note: This incident happened prior to Jason Keddy becoming Security Manager in February 2014)

[redacted] does not represent actual length of redactions.


Today I feel compelled to email you about a family member’s personal experience in relation to a situation that has only very recently come to my attention. And, upon performing some very rudimentary research on the subject, it didn’t take me long to find some disturbing and maddening information on the internet regarding what appears to be systemic corruption in what I thought was a first-world city, not a third-world country. Please allow me to relay what I have learned:

My [redacted] lived in Mississauga for [redacted] years to attend school. [redacted] was a top-notch student (all [redacted] instructors and school administration would easily vouch for that), and is a conscientious and law-abiding young adult. [redacted] no longer lives in the city, and has no desire to ever go back…due to a lot of reasons…but, this morning (a full year after [redacted] situation arose) [redacted] approached me in tears because of an issue that has been bothering [redacted] the entire time, and which [redacted] has only brought to my attention now. [redacted] would often go to [redacted] to [redacted] after spending several hours on [redacted] schoolwork. It was during one of these times when [redacted] was approached by a belligerent man claiming to be a security person for the city. [redacted]



He demanded [redacted] identification, and being completely naïve and terrified, [redacted] obliged by giving it to him. He told [redacted] was barred from the square for [redacted] days – with no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever!!! The very, very unfortunate thing was that I happened to be in Mississauga visiting [redacted] at that exact time, and had [redacted] told me what had just happened to [redacted], I would have [redacted]


[redacted] But, again, [redacted] was terrified of what had just transpired, and was deathly afraid to mention it to anyone.

After seeing that many, many other people have been treated in the same way (by researching anecdotes on the internet, as well as coming upon your website), I regret very much that [redacted] did not tell me immediately about this situation. I would have been in City Hall in no time flat, lodging a formal complaint, but I believe it is futile at this time to bother. My [redacted] as I said, is extremely conscientious about being a model citizen, and it has been bothering [redacted] for an entire year that her reputation as such has been unjustly sullied. [redacted] also is worried that it will leave a permanent record somewhere for [redacted] Because [redacted] lodged no complaint against the false accusation, I am hoping that this will not be the case. I believe it would be futile, or even counterproductive, at this time to complain to the city administration over this as, at this point, [redacted]

[redacted through rest of email]

This is not how parents should find out their kid was banned by “the Best City in Canada”.


Last re: “Corporate Security will proceed under all existing guidelines and laws” No they didn’t.

Best wishes,

MISSISSAUGAWATCH (Letter 2, May 20, 2015)


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