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Brampton/Mississauga graffiti research: comparative graffiti/tagging photographs (April 19, 2009 and April 19, 2010)

April 19th, 2010  

Today is April 19, 2010, and to mark the first anniversary of our two-year comparative study of graffiti and tagging, here is a comparative as promised. I went to my April 19, 2009, graffiti records and then headed out to revisit each location and document the changes, if any.

GRAFFITI and TAGGING MISSISSAUGA and BRAMPTON (comparative photos April 19, 2009 and today, April 19, 2010)

Street sign tagging, Malton (Mississauga). A year gone by and no change.


Again, Malton, Mississauga, “HELLRAZORS”. A year gone by, tagging relatively stable.

GRAFFITI and TAGGING, BRAMPTON, (comparative April 19, 2009 and April 19, 2010)

GRAFFITI/TAGGING, Brampton. This wall was cleaned up fairly quickly back in 2009. The tags and graffiti along the railway tracks are faded from sun and weather. This site contained “FTP” which a year ago, I concluded were someone’s initials. Nope. “FTP” is shortform for “F*** the Police”.

MISSISSAUGA bridge Tagging and partial erase (comparison April 19, 2009 and April 19, 2010)

Mississauga bridge, shows partial erase of graffiti with this red tagging left untouched. The water levels were low enough this time for me to venture well underneath the bridge and document other examples of graffiti. Unfortunately, a graffiti art piece created by a talented practiced hand was erased along with the junk. All I can say is I’m glad I photographed it prior to it being erased.

I’ve mentioned on several other occasions just how little anti-police graffiti there is in either Brampton or Mississauga. I believe it speaks well of Peel Police. Perhaps readers would be surprised just how many graffiti artists think highly of police.

Just the other day I received an email from a former graffiti artist who said, “you are absolutely right about graffiti being defined as unauthorized…and i respect the police… i havent gone out painting in a under a year because of the police haha.” [sic]

His “haha” cracked me up. I’ve since sought clarification. Seems Peel Police are quite good at frustrating the creative expression of local taggers and graffiti artists. But—in a fair way. (I keep thinking about that Warner Bros cartoon with Wiley E. Coyote and that cool ever-vigilant sheep dog (see MISSISSAUGAWATCH banner at top of this page)

It’s been last June since I’ve seen any new anti-police graffiti but I sure saw a new one today! And photographed it.

No ambiguity in this message sprayed on the window of a Mississauga school.


OK. So Peel Police aren’t universally appreciated….

Last. Just want to share this graffiti video that features a toxic mix of the Pretend Safe City MYTHissauga, the Pretend of Dalton McGuinty’s announcement of the McMurtry/Curling Roots of Youth Violence report and by far the worst of all —the Pretend of Mississauga Chair of Safe City MYTHissauga Chair Pat Saito gushing up her best “amazing”s and “phenomenal”s as she declares the “phenomenal” success of the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network.  There’s even Hazel McCallion and Mississauga Corporate Security! Yes, this video HAS IT ALL!

But mostly there’s graffiti documented in Brampton and Mississauga from April 19, 2009 to January 2010 —some of which appears here. Again, a reminder. Much of the graffiti in this video is HIGHLY OFFENSIVE. But the politicians’ fakery is much, much worse! As in EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE!


Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube

“I think that we’re all amazed, those of us on the Committee, at the success and how quickly we have been successful over the past two years.”

—Councillor Pat Saito on the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network   (October 25, 2007)


—Witness/Observer/Researcher of Mississauga municipal governance and hypocrisy (April 19, 2010)


The Mississauga Muse


One Response to “Brampton/Mississauga graffiti research: comparative graffiti/tagging photographs (April 19, 2009 and April 19, 2010)”

  1. The Bright Snoop on April 21st, 2010 9:10 pm

    I have a theory for you to consider concerning this affection MYTHississauga has for “celebrating successes.” It goes like this.

    A preoccupation with self-congratulation is a form of narcissism. Narcissists can’t handle criticism and always attribute failure to the fault of others. They believe constant repetition of “how great we are” boosts self-esteem and improves performance, but really it hides failures and avoids responsibility. Worse, it inevitably leads to mediocrity or worse. After all, if you’re so successful you must be doing everything right, so there’s no need to try harder. In fact, change is to be resisted.

    So all of this puffery and pomp before every Council meeting, where they hand out “awards” and pat themselves on the back, is not making MYTHississauga into the Best City in Canada. Quite the opposite, it is a sign that MYTHississauga is second-rate and fast heading for third–or maybe fourth or fifth.