July 5th, 2010  

When you listen to the song “Whose Streets, Our Streets”you know that HFand4DTV get it!Their song is primal and delivers TRUEth for YOUTH! Pure. Raw. Cut-to-the-bone honesty. (If you went to G20, this relentless blast of rage is for you.)

Lyrics from the original, “Whose Streets, Our Streets” also cut-and-pasted below with HFand4DTV’s kind permission.

Images/Video by MISSISSAUGAWATCH. Lyrics from the original, “Whose Streets, Our Streets” by HFand4DTV.


YouTube Video, “G20 TORONTO –ARRESTS/ABUSES Protest Anthem: “WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS”” 3:59 min

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)

Official Shoutout to www.Probangers.com for the beat


(Verse 1)

Uhhh, what the fuck this country come to
We let the select few act like we dumb fools
1.3 bill to control the back talk
Then justify their actions and spending because of Black Bloc
Naw, the people ain’t feelin’ that here
HST, G20, Secret laws all this year
I think it’s time we let them know that their tactics ain’t workin’
No more wool over the eyes of the class of the working
The media only showing what they want us to see
So we have to Press for Truth, where the knowledge is free
Grab your copy of Basics, drop a toonie for Fightback
Papers of the people, it’s our people that right that
This ain’t 86 Fort Pickens, Geronimo
We need to expose the truth 2010 Torontonimo
Abuse of power situations and the torture plenty
So come together and yell fuck G20

“Who’s streets, our streets”
“Who’s streets, our streets”
“Who’s streets, our streets”
We need to take this city back, they don’t treat us as equal
“Who’s streets, our streets”
“Who’s streets, our streets”
“Who’s streets, our streets”
Enough of this bullshit, All Power to the People

(Verse 2)
They beat up protesters singin’ Oh Canada
Our home and native land but really they no fan of us
They handle us in an attempt to dismantle us
Male cops strip searchin’ women, probably got it on camera
Secret laws passed by Dalton, villainous ways
They increase police presence it’s a military state
Public Works Protection Act is a joke
Empowers cops and rent-a-cops to harass our working class folk
Our city’s cowards roll in mass, rubber bullets and tear gas
But the roots hold the blade of the grass
Catch the metaphor brothers and sisters
Its time to organize And realize that the system dismissed us
My people getting enraged, locked up in a cage,
The hood is just a trap for us
TCHC is a flop, just a front for the cops
No repairs bed bugs in the mattress


(Verse 3)
Shit it’s grindtime and people ain’t recession proof
We victims of the system brainwashin’ from a youth
They tryna hold us down puttin’ cops in our schools
Can’t pay for textbooks but they can pay a pig or 2
You see the politics are holdin’ us down
There’s no social change when the Lib’rals and PC around
So we need change but where’s the Obama for me
We still got youth in the streets who ain’t got nothing to eat
They bail out the banks and the industry, no power to the people
Even though we can all vote, they never treat us equal
So what do we do when the system is corruption and lies
They give tax cuts to the rich, higher taxes for the little guy
They make cuts to the libraries, centres and schools
And put more pigs in the sty they tryna play us for fools
They tear down the social housing to put up condos
Take out No Frills and Price Chopper, put up a Longos
But this ain’t no surprise history shall repeat it
We need to revolutionize and leave this system defeated
I can’t take this no more, no more carrying on
We go iya to de zion, and fire pon a babylon

UPDATE  Tuesday, July 6, 2010. Thought I’d share this video. It compares G20 June 26, 2010 Protest damage and graffiti with Toronto/Bank of Montreal’s clean-up efforts two days later (June 28, 2010).

YouTube Video, “BMO Bank of Montreal G20 Bay and King Street Site Comparative ” 4:22 min

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


The (There’s no social change with the Lib’rals and PC around) Mississauga Muse

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