G20 –IN COMES THE ONTARIO OMBUDSMAN! And National Day of Action for Civil Liberties G20 Rally (Queen’s Park Saturday, July 10)

July 9th, 2010  

No time for anything but two important developments as they relate to G20. First, because it’s time sensitive, a press release from the The Canadian Civil Liberties Association website.

CCLA endorses National Day of Action for Civil Liberties on Saturday, July 10

July 8th, 2010

For a PDF version of this press release, click here.


Day of Action for Civil Liberties on Saturday July 10

Toronto, ON, July 8, 2010 — On Saturday July 10, a Day of Action for Civil Liberties will take place in towns and cities across Canada to demand an independent public inquiry into police conduct during the G20 Summit.. In Toronto, a mass rally and march will take place at Queen’s Park starting at 1pm. CCLA General Counsel Nathalie Des Rosiers will be offering remarks at that time.

More than $1.2 billion was spent on hosting the G20 summit, with a large majority of these funds going towards the development of an unprecedented security apparatus. Prior to the summit, CCLA expressed concern regarding a range of issues, including the use of long-range acoustic devices, the implementation of “designated protest areas” as well as the expanded powers granted to law enforcement authorities.

All security measures must be planned and executed in the context of respect for and protection of individuals’ right to privacy, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. Any government actions that restrict these basic human rights must be necessary, minimally intrusive, proportionate, and use the least force possible. In CCLA’s view, these standards were not upheld during the G20, and the summit and police conduct was unfortunately tainted by the violations of civil liberties that occurred. Over its history and again during the G20 Summit, CCLA has always denounced vandalism and acts of violence.  However, we believe that the disregard for the constitutional rights of thousands is unacceptable.

CCLA General Counsel Nathalie Des Rosiers is calling on Canadians across the country to participate in this Day of Action for Civil Liberties. “Citizens concerned about the arbitrary detentions and the necessity to protect civil rights and democratic freedoms should come out on Saturday July 10. This is an opportunity to ask for accountability, answers and action in the aftermath of the G20.”

Join the Day of Action for Civil Liberties in towns and cities across Canada on July 10, 2010.

About CCLA: The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is a national organization that was constituted in 1964 to promote respect for and observance of fundamental human rights and civil liberties. Our work, which includes research, public education, and advocacy aims to defend and ensure the protection and full exercise of those rights and liberties.

Contact :
Penelope Chester
Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Phone: (416) 363-0321/ (647) 822-8764
Fax Number: (416) 861-1291

And some very very very good news!

Press Release

Ontario Ombudsman to investigate G20 security regulation

TORONTO (Friday, July 9, 2010) – Ontario Ombudsman André Marin today announced he is launching an investigation into the origin and subsequent communication of the controversial security regulation passed by the province prior to the June 26-27 G20 summit.

The investigation, to be conducted by the Special Ombudsman Response Team (SORT), will examine the involvement of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services in the origin of Regulation 233/10, made last month under the Public Works Protection Act to apply to parts of downtown Toronto near the summit meeting site – and the subsequent communication about it to stakeholders, including police, media and the public.

The Ombudsman’s office has received 22 complaints relating to the G20, including several alleging that a lack of transparency and public communication about the regulation led to an atmosphere of secrecy and confusion and contributed to violations of civil liberties.  “The complaints we’ve received so far raise serious concerns about this regulation and the way it was communicated, and I think there is a very strong public interest in finding out exactly what happened and how that affected the rest of the events of the G20 weekend,” Mr. Marin said.

The investigation is expected to be completed within 90 days, Mr. Marin said.  Anyone who has a complaint or relevant information is asked to call 1-800-263-1830 during business hours or complete an online complaint form at www.ombudsman.on.ca .


Aussi disponible en français

Notice to media: Mr. Marin will be available for interviews by telephone today between 11 a.m. and noon only.  To arrange to speak to him, please contact:

Linda Williamson
Director of Communications
Tel: 416-586-3426

Elena Yunusov
Communications Officer
Tel: 416-586-3521


The (And hope to see you at tomorrow’s rally!) Mississauga Muse

Also worth showing again. HFand4DTV‘s song is primal and delivers TRUEth for YOUTH! Pure. Raw. Cut-to-the-bone honesty. (If you went to G20, this relentless blast of rage is for you.)

Images/Video by MISSISSAUGAWATCH. Lyrics from the original, “Whose Streets, Our Streets” by HFand4DTV.


YouTube Video, “G20 TORONTO –ARRESTS/ABUSES Protest Anthem: “WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS”” 3:59 min

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


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