Three G20 YouTube videos synchronized to show unique insights into the first rioting/torching of Police cars (Bay/King)

July 22nd, 2010  

I’ve been examining G20 videos on YouTube with special focus on the first riot at Bay and King that saw two police cruisers torched and two others trashed. I was on the north-west corner (Bank of Montreal side) videotaping non-stop save for a change of batteries at one point. I lucked out and found two other YouTube videos that I synchronized to mine. And what a unique picture I get into what rioters, onlookers, police and even the fire department was doing!

Standing at Bank of Montreal, I got excellent footage of the “Black Bloc” rampage —they even brushed past me.

DAVEGTV videotaping on the south-east corner was closest to the infamous Security Fence and managed to document the arrival of the fire department as I was being led out by police, 180 degrees from where he was.

And on the south-west corner, TUCANTANGO1 managed to record some superb video of police as well as important crowd movement. (I’d wondered where a few people went…)

So how did police conduct themselves when rioters broke and headed down Bay?…

YouTube Video, “G20 Bay/King riot and police cars torched (three YouTube videos SYNCHRONIZED)” 8:17 min

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


Three videos were synchronized by audio and show three different views of the first Black Bloc (vandals) encounter with police.

Would appreciate comments/insights regarding police action as shown in this composite video.

Next, my composite video should be viewed with krissbacon’s video documenting the same event. I didn’t use it for the composite because the videographers chose to leave during the height of the action heading up Bay Street to Adelaide. However, I encourage readers to view krissbacon’s “G20 Fortress Toronto Burned” if nothing else but for the crowd’s despicable “FUCK THE POLICE” chants at the 8:06 minute in this video.

Really. Please watch the row of police as they cordoned off Bay/Adelaide standing there with flames and smoke coming from doomed cruiser TAV 56 in the background. Listen to every “FUCK THE POLICE” the crowd serves up to these officers!

And last, to anyone who yelled “FUCK THE POLICE” at Bay and Adelaide in this footage…


YouTube Video, “G20 Fortress Toronto Burned ” 8:56 min

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


The Mississauga Muse

Police officers stand behind their bicycles as protesters are stopped by a line of officers behind a burnt police car during G20 Summit protests in downtown Toronto June 26, 2010. (REUTERS/ Mike Cassese) #

UPDATE  July 22, 2010  11:52 pm: Original video, “G20 Bay/King riot and police cars torched (three YouTube videos SYNCHRONIZED)” replaced because of a typo.

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