Carolyn Parrish “we have no choice”. Mayor McCallion gets another $250,000 to cover lawyers’ fees.

August 6th, 2010  

Last Blog, Mississauga Council okays $250,000 more for Hazel McCallion’s lawyers fees. (Video of debate highlights) we showed video of Councillor Nando Iannicca’s “We’re asking for justice and a proper inquiry” speech.


This is justice and it doesn’t matter where it takes you and who’s involved. And the last thing I’d want to do is stop if we’re trying to seek the truth and politicians are involved. That’s just not right. So, it’s not even an academic argument. It’s an argument you shouldn’t be having in society. It costs what it costs to get to the truth under the circumstances and I’m not going to deviate from that at all.    —Nando Iannicca, August 5, 2010

What follows is another excerpt of Wednesday’s Mississauga Council debate on covering the Mayor’s legal bills. This time we highlight Councillor Carolyn Parrish who strikes into the heart of the matter, that Council has no choice.

And so the video and of course, the transcript.

Video: We *HAVE* to pay Hazel McCallion’s lawyers’ fees. Carolyn Parrish explains the bottom-line. (1:22 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)



And unfortunately and I guess we don’t give anybody instructions around here but, I would have felt much more comfortable had we had a detailed breakdown of the anticipated costs from the Mayor’s lawyer. Saying, this is what we anticipate. These are the hours of preparation. These are the hours of questioning. These are the hours we anticipate to be in the Inquiry.

Sending a letter kind of whining about the other Councillors doesn’t impress me and this makes me just a little bit nervous. I think Councillor Iannicca said it well. He said if you give them $400,000 you’ve set a target, not a, not a, you know, a reasonable goal.

So, the other thing that, I mean, we’re over, we’re in [sic] a rock and a hard place because the Mayor’s requests, we have no choice but to accept it.

I’m not doing it with a great deal of enthusiasm, I’ll tell you. This cost is very very high and I think the Mayor herself will have to explain this to the taxpayers. I’m not going to try.

But given the position we’re in, if you were to say no, there would be an immediate application for a judicial review and the whole thing would come to a halt.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH whispers into camera:

That’s right.


That is certainly quite possible —an application to the Commissioner.

It’s been my recommendation that you do approve the request, yes.


Thank you.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH whispers into camera:




Judicial inquiry coverage

The Mississauga News has provided a terrific resource so I’ll just cut-and-paste with special thanks to them for making my job easier.

Faces of the inquiry. From left, businessman Peter McCallion and his powerful mother, Mayor Hazel McCallion, are in the spotlight as the historic Mississauga judicial inquiry continues to unfold in the Burnhamthorpe Rd. W. courthouse. Justice Douglas Cunningham (right) is probing the extent of the mayor’s involvement in a major land deal that was being brokered by her son, and whether she had a conflict of interest.

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The Mississauga News
Aug 04, 2010 – 8:36 PM

Did Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion have a conflict of interest when she got involved in her son’s business dealings? Or, was she just working on behalf the City of Mississauga by helping to being a major hotel and convention centre to the City Centre?

That’s what Justice Douglas Cunningham is trying to determine at the ongoing Mississauga judicial inquiry.

It’s also a hot topic of conversation for many city residents.

The City of Mississauga Judicial Inquiry was established under Section 274 of the Municipal Act by a vote of City Council on Nov. 11, 2009.

It has been conducted in two sessions. The first half, which began May 25 and ran through June 15, examined a controversial Enersource Shareholders Agreement that gave unusual veto powers to the utility’s minority owner, the giant OMERS pension fund.

The second part of the inquiry, which got underway July 8, is examining the mayor’s role in a bid by a development company fronted by her son to buy a package of City Centre land from OMERS for a hotel and convention centre.

Below is our coverage of the judicial inquiry to date.

Council okays $250,000 more for mayor–council-okays-250-000-more-for-mayor

What price truth?–what-price-truth

Mayor should step down–mayor-should-step-down

McCallions’ inquiry tab could top $500,000–mccallions-inquiry-tab-could-top-500-000

Mayor not helped by son’s testimony–mayor-not-helped-by-son-s-testimony

McCallion should pay: Parrish–mccallion-should-pay-parrish

‘I did nothing wrong’–i-did-nothing-wrong

Firm thought McCallion was a real estate agent, inquiry told–firm-thought-mccallion-was-a-real-estate-agent-inquiry-told

City wasn’t fleeced in land deal–city-wasn-t-fleeced-in-land-deal

Son misled mayor, lawyer suggests–son-misled-mayor-lawyer-suggests

McCallion sticks up for mom–mccallion-sticks-up-for-mom

McCallion’s memory tested–mccallion-s-memory-tested

Mayor pushed her son’s project–mayor-pushed-her-son-s-project

Mayor’s son on the hot seat–mayor-s-son-on-the-hot-seat

Not a principal: McCallion–not-a-principal-mccallion

McCallion co-signed loan–mccallion-co-signed-loan

Mayor an ’emissary’ for son’s company: lawyer–mayor-an-emissary-for-son-s-company-lawyer

O’Brien was also involved in Sheridan deal–o-brien-was-also-involved-in-sheridan-deal

Lawyers prepare for battle at inquiry–lawyers-prepare-for-battle-at-inquiry

Hazel vouched for son’s partner–hazel-vouched-for-son-s-partner

Mayor’s son to testify–mayor-s-son-to-testify

OMERS denies inflating land deal–omers-denies-inflating-land-deal

Code needed at City–code-needed-at-city

Company received $4M payout–company-received-4m-payout

City seeks public review of ethics code–city-seeks-public-review-of-ethics-code

Company received $4M pay-out over hotel deal–company-received-4m-pay-out-over-hotel-deal

Voters will decide–voters-will-decide

Process can’t be muzzled–process-can-t-be-muzzled

Mayor pushed deal, Inquiry told–mayor-pushed-deal-inquiry-told

Mayor linked to meeting–mayor-linked-to-meeting

Mayor pushed for hotel in City Centre–mayor-pushed-for-hotel-in-city-centre

Judge shoots down mayor’s request–judge-shoots-down-mayor-s-request

Was it legal?–was-it-legal

Mayor cries foul at inquiry–mayor-cries-foul-at-inquiry

Inquiry hits another roadblock–inquiry-hits-another-roadblock

Questions remain–questions-remain

Inquiry costs now expected to hit $5 million–inquiry-costs-now-expected-to-hit-5-million

Inquiry may hurt Enersource: lawyer–inquiry-may-hurt-enersource-lawyer

‘I am not stepping down’–i-am-not-stepping-down

Inquiry’s second phase begins in July–inquiry-s-second-phase-begins-in-july

‘I forget‚’ doesn’t cut it–i-forget-doesn-t-cut-it

Council told of veto: Mahoney–council-told-of-veto-mahoney

Mahoney set to testify at inquiry–mahoney-set-to-testify-at-inquiry

Mahoney called to testify–mahoney-called-to-testify

Councillor asks for fees–councillor-asks-for-fees

Mayor’s legal fees capped–mayor-s-legal-fees-capped

Inquiry costs climb–inquiry-costs-climb

Lawyers want more to represent mayor–lawyers-want-more-to-represent-mayor

McCallion calls out Parrish–mccallion-calls-out-parrish

Mayor denies knowing of veto–mayor-denies-knowing-of-veto

Deal negotiated improperly, inquiry hears–deal-negotiated-improperly-inquiry-hears

Mayor on stand tomorrow–mayor-on-stand-tomorrow

Enersource deal ‘terrific’ for Mississauga–enersource-deal-terrific-for-mississauga

Enersource deal nixed by inquiry–enersource-deal-nixed-by-inquiry

We’ll all pay a share–we-ll-all-pay-a-share

Former City manager vague in details–former-city-manager-vague-in-details

Councillors should have known about veto, deal maker says–councillors-should-have-known-about-veto-deal-maker-says

Files stay sealed–files-stay-sealed

City set to approve full funding for mayor’s son–city-set-to-approve-full-funding-for-mayor-s-son

City key to OMERS, inquiry told–city-key-to-omers-inquiry-told

No common sense–no-common-sense

High stakes drama–high-stakes-drama

Enersource powers ‘changed’–enersource-powers-changed

Hydro deal took years to probe, inquiry hears–hydro-deal-took-years-to-probe-inquiry-hears

Judicial inquiry starts today–judicial-inquiry-starts-today

Inquiry starts tomorrow–inquiry-starts-tomorrow

Mayor to testify June 2–mayor-to-testify-june-2

Councillors consider code of ethics–councillors-consider-code-of-ethics

Council code of conduct on agenda–council-code-of-conduct-on-agenda

More money for Mayor’s son–more-money-for-mayor-s-son

Commissioner to rule on funding for mayor’s son–commissioner-to-rule-on-funding-for-mayor-s-son

Inquiry costs at $1.5M and rising–inquiry-costs-at-1-5m-and-rising

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