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Mississauga’s Dowling House, home of Streetsville’s first mayor severely damaged “might have been a deliberate act”

August 29th, 2010  

From the Mississauga News:

Frank Dowling, who died in 1998, was born and raised in the bricked farmhouse, located at 2285 Britannia Rd. W. He’s renowned for being elected Streetsville’s first mayor when the village became a town in 1962.

Today it’s yet another Mississauga heritage house teetering on the brink.

We videotaped Sanford Farm’s destruction to construction.

We videotaped the demolition of the Gray House.

Sadly we present a new video —this time documenting the gaping hole in the heritage house of the first mayor of Streetsville (followed by the transcript).

Video: Mississauga’s Dowling Heritage House: severely damaged “might have been a deliberate act” (5:56 min)

(Click here to go directly to the clip on YouTube)


MISSISSAUGAWATCH (videotaping in the parking lot of the Streetsville’s Dowling House, August 27, 2010):

It is Friday, August 27, 2010 and last Monday I was here looking at this car here, a white Dodge Charger. And we pulled up just to the other side of this truck and noticed this house.

And I thought, unh, looks like it’s slated for demolition, right? And I thought yet another piece of Mississauga —old Mississauga is gone.

And then yesterday, or the day before, in the Mississauga News, it was reported that this house isn’t just any old house, it is the house of the former mayor of Streetsville.

And on top of it, it wasn’t set for demolition, it was purposely destroyed, or well, I guess they’re hedging their bets and just calling it “apparently” done on purpose.

And what I’m doing now is I want to document this because you just never know when someone else is going to purposely back into it again and completely demolish it.

I was there for the Gray House. I documented Sanford properties being developed. And I thought, well, I might as well be here and take a look.

It was the house of a former mayor of Streetsville —I think sold in 1947 [sic. it was actually 1946]

Not sure too much about the details.

But it looks like first they used wood. This is kind of old construction for sure.

But you’re looking —we’re losing so much of the old Mississauga. In fact this would be even before there was a Mississauga!

And I think what we’ll do, until such time as we’re told to go away, we’ll just do a walk-around.

A mayor’s house.


Hi, Hello! Where are you from?


MISSISSAUGAWATCH (leaving the parking lot of the Streetsville’s Dowling House, August 27, 2010):

But anyway, over there was the white Dodge Charger that I really liked. Right in there.


There’s that Dodge Charger that I was interested in. But it doesn’t have all the features that I want. So. Anyway, we’re safely out. See what? “WARNING”.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH (videotaping to the north of the Streetsville’s Dowling House, August 27, 2010):

And I’ve worked my way around the back. And there it is right there. There’s [sic] many ways of looking at a house. This is with High Definition. I have a much more powerful camera —it’s not as good quality but it’s got a 70 zoom.

It’s rather non-descript. Again that’s the back where the sales office is.

But it seems to be that somebody did not want that house. Probably interfered with their development scheme over here.

And behind, there’s all kinds of activity here too. And I’m not getting out of the car in case somebody comes. I can make a fast getaway this way.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH (videotaping to the east of the Streetsville’s Dowling House, August 27, 2010):

Now I had just been videotaping over on that side and noticed that there was a Mississauga Fire Department here. So I’ve just pulled in and now I get a much better look at the building from this side.

And let’s just do one more. Cuz again, you never know when this thing’s gonna go down in the middle of the night.  In fact that looks like a plan right there. So this the other —this’d be the eastern face of the house.

We’ve managed to get the southern face, the northern face I videotaped from over here. And there it is.

So. House of a former mayor.  Of Streetsville.


MISSISSAUGAWATCH (videotaping across the street to the south of the Streetsville’s Dowling House, August 27, 2010):

Okay I was in the back of this parking lot. Now I’m over here on this side.

I should just point out, see that? That was the white Dodge Charger that I went to visit and have a look at on Monday.

Little did I know that that house in the background of that white Dodge Charger was going to be in the News as the house of the former mayor of Streetsville, circa early 1900’s.

Look at that gaping hole, huh?

Yeah. They won’t find those people.


Anyway, that’s it.

Kind of tragic, actually. Losing so much. As somebody said, the Sanford House, the Gray House —now this.

Well, you know the old saying. If you caught this guy, he’d only say, “I’m doing what’s best for the City of Mississauga.”

Turning camera off.

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One Response to “Mississauga’s Dowling House, home of Streetsville’s first mayor severely damaged “might have been a deliberate act””

  1. pam lake on November 28th, 2010 8:37 am

    I lived in this house for 30 years. i was born 1972 and raised there and I had 2 childrenof my own born there. My father was phil lake, he had a great surviving business there , He lived there with my mother millicent merkley lake for several years before i was born.Eventually he was forced out by the new owners.
    This makes me sick someone would do this, I would love to get my hands on any articles,pic’s . Alot of great chil hood memories were here. so sad this had to happen. Pam Lake & Family